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What do you want in Web?

  1. Anything you want.
  2. Need to know the History.
  3. What we do there.
  4. Future made by History.
Where we are in Web?
Classic Web vs Open Web


  1. Marketing => I'm Best.
  2. Ad (Advertisement) => Brainwash
  3. P.R. (Public Relation) => He's Best.
  4. Brand => I know you.

Classic Web

  1. Short-term Careers
  2. One Way!
  3. By One Man
  4. Marketing Level
  5. Extra P.R., Ad. needs
  6. Expensive
  7. Classic efforts to be New.

Open Web

  1. Careers for Decades
  2. By www
  3. Brand Way
  4. How to hear & talk.
  5. All web comes here, like Rome.
  6. As well as Smart Mobile.

Marketing in Web

  1. I'm best.
  2. Web Site

Advertisement in Web

  1. Brainwash
  2. News => Trends?
  3. Banner => Money?
  4. YouTube => Psy?

P.R. in Web

  1. He's Best
  2. Blog
  3. SNS
  4. Viral?
  5. Buzzwords?

Brand in Web

  1. I know You.
  2. Open Web
    • Open Design
    • Open Source
    • Open Mind
How to see the "OpenWeb"?  
Contents , but WebSite.
have OpenWeb* first.
Contents lead WebSite.
WebSite leads You.

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